SOTAC PERST-1K Laser Sight VISLaser IR Laser

    SOTAC PERST-1K Laser Sight VISLaser IR Laser

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    The product is installed at times for various types of small arms (hunting) weapons using the WEAVER PICATINNI laser mount integrated into the body or using brackets manufactured


    1 . The light source is a super bright semiconductor diode module with a wavelength of 850 nm and a maximum power of 3 mW.

    2. Supply voltage - 3V.

    3. Batteries - CR123 (installation of CR123 batteries is possible).

    4. The time of continuous operation with a stable luminous flux from standard batteries is 24 hours.

    5. Overall dimensions - 55X38X33.

    6. Product weight without batteries - 87 g.

    7. Operating temperature range - from -30 to +40 С˚.

    8. Case material duralumin.

    This Laser has several modes of operation:

    1. A short press of the button (holding for less than 0.5 s) turns on the laser and indicator in the latched mode - when the button is released, the laser and indicator continue to light, pressing again turns them off. Switching off always occurs when the button is pressed.

    2. Pressing twice for 0.5 s turns on the flashing of the laser and indicator at a frequency of 2 Hz, pressing again turns them off.

    Perst-1IK is an ideal combination of price / quality, small size, light, strong and sealed duralumin case with a very reliable adjustment.

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