Sotac RDS Tool RailScales Optic & Laser Adjustment Tool

Sotac RDS Tool RailScales Optic & Laser Adjustment Tool

Color: Black
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Ampule Red Dot, Optic & Laser Adjustment Keychain Tool. A handy range or gear bag tool to have on hand for easy and precise adjustments. Machined out of 7075 Aluminum for toughness and longevity. Includes pivot ring. 

Works with many optics and lasers which includes but is not limited to the following:


Aimpoint T1/T2/All 30mm Models


Elcan Spectre

DBAL I2/A3/D2/CQBL Lasers

PEQ15/C/Apital/ Lasers

MAWL Laser

RAID-X Laser

Leupold DeltaPoint Pro RDS

Sig Romeo 4T, Romeo7S, Romeo8T, Juliet 3, Juliet 3-Micro, Juliet 4.

Ships Free

CNC Machined

7075 Aluminum

Clear Type 03 Hardcoat

Diameter 0.400"

Length 2.16"

Weight 0.3oz

Anodizing Note: Like most anodized products, the color shade can vary from batch to batch. We do our best to keep it as close to what is photographed, but it can slightly change. Because this item is made of 7075 aluminum, the grey anodizing can appear lighter grey to tan in certain lighting. 

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