SOTAC Tactical UE07 Remote Switch Assembly for Scout Light Weapon Lights Flashlight M600 M300 Series

    UE07 Color: Black
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    • Reliable remote switch for most Scout Light models (not compatible w/ Micro Scout Light Pro)
    • Integral switch/cable/connector plugs into tailcap socket
    • 6-inch cable fits most rifle and carbine applications   

    The UE07 provides reliable remote activation for any Scout Light WeaponLight. Tailcap module screws onto Scout Light body. Switch, cable, and connector are an integral unit that plugs into the tailcap socket; other cable lengths are available. A pressure-activated switch attaches to firearm via adhesive-backed Velcro pad. The UE07 also features a 6-inch cable that fits most rifle/carbine applications. The entire unit is O-ring sealed at both ends for superior weatherproofing.

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